Psychological counselling Henriette Heise

Life is great – or is it? Well, when you think that nothing is going your way, when you feel helpless, annoyed with others and yourself, disappointed and lonely, when it seems that you’re just spinning around in circles, it can be a bit of a bummer. Most of us have been at this stage and most of us managed to leave it behind quicker with a little help.

I offer this support in a professional and safe setting in my psychotherapy practice in Berlin Mitte. This is where we can talk, discover new perspectives on your private and professional situation and establish clarity. In order to achieve this, I mainly make use of methods originating in systemic therapy. This psychotherapeutic approach starts with the assumption that each person is an expert of their own situation and needs, most of all, professional help to help themselves. That is why my tool of choice are curious, appreciative and occasionally impudent and bold questions.

My practice is located in Eberswalde, just north of Berlin, a ten minute walk away from the main station.

Please note: Unfortunately, statutory health insurances do not cover my services.