Individual counselling


You might suffer from recurring feelings of grief and pain or you may have noticed behavioural patterns that no longer suit you but which you cannot quite get rid of yet. There may be things which frequently make life seem little appealing or which clearly keep you from living what you love about life. Maybe you are haunted by feelings of guilt, maybe you compare yourself, feel inadequate and unloved. Or you feel as if your life were just a huge hamster wheel of stress and while you sense that there is a way out you cannot find it for all the fast movement.

You may also be in the process of adjusting to changes in your life which have turned everything on its head and are looking for professional support to find the best way of coping with it, in order to emerge from it stable, possibly even learn from it. No therapy can undo sad events and feelings. Together, we can find out which way of dealing with it suits you best and how you can achieve it stably.

In my practice, I use diverse methods to help my clients achieve more clarity about their situation and aims so that we can find the best way for them toward a higher quality of life.