Psychotherapy and Counselling (HP)

Unfortunately, my services are not covered by statutory health insurances.

As you may have experienced yourself: more often than not, an appointment with a Berlin-based psychologist, psychiatrist or psychoanalyst can be hard to come by. I know from experience that psychological issues are most effectively dealt with as soon as a client wishes to address them, therefore my practice is open to new clients at all times. Some clients subsequently resolve their issues in just one appointment, others wish for long-term support, for many it is something in-between. The intervals between appointments vary and are geared to your needs (usually between every two and four weeks). A consultation lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. During this time, I usually paraphrase and ask questions intended to offer you new perspectives that stray from possibly well-trodden paths, enabling a new approach and new ways of dealing with an issue.

How we use our time exactly depends first of all on your aims and needs. Therefore, during the first consultation I usually interview clients at some length about their goals. The more precise the goal has been defined, the clearer the path. And sometimes, an issue is already resolved once a goal has been identified and described.


are individuals, couples, families or groups from other systems (such as housemates or work colleagues).

Frequent topics

are grief, dejection, conflict with others or with oneself, values and needs, sexuality, dealing with death, dying and other forms of parting or separation, grief, changes of all kinds, decision making processes.

Together we can try to learn to accept certain situations or to develop a fitting solution for them, to identify recurring patterns of reaction and behavior and to identify their possible benefits or to undo blockages and release these energies so that they may be used for more pleasurable thoughts and activities.